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Why using this Widget?

The Rating and Review Widget


Public Rating for Challenge Roth 2013

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Difficulty of tracks
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For None-Hobbyathletes members: Reviews need to be reviewed and approved by the admins of HobbyAthletes.com before they are published
With this free WordPress Widget/Plugin you can add value to your event’s aftermath and generate extra traffic. Plus you get a valuable feedback for your event to improve it in upcoming years. And everything out of the box without having to program your own rating system.

Technical details

The HobbyAthletes.com Rating and Review Plugin is connected with the HobbyAthletes.com webservers. Once you implemented the Widget successfully, ratings / reviews can be made / written directly from your website as well as from the corresponding page on HobbyAthletes.com. Ratings are stored securely on our servers and transfered to your server(s) with network friendly JSONP technology. Reviews can be individually approved or declined, meaning displayed or not displayed (To have control you need to request Admin rights to wp_widget@hobbyathletes.com). Every user can rate your event only once. The rating system opens automatically on the day the event takes place.
We created 4 different color themes, and currently 3 different language packs (English, German and Spanish, additional languages may be requested) so the widget will fit cosmetically and language-wise into most webpages. The background is transparent, so you can also set it on top of a background photo, no problem.


  1. Download the widget using the link below

    Extract the containing folder hobbyathletes-rating to your local disc and upload it to your webserver’s plugins folder using the FTP program of your choice. Your folder structure may vary a little to the structure on the screenshot below.

    Installation Location of HobbyAthletes.com Rating Widget

  2. Once that is done, activate the plugin in your WordPress wp-admin console. Go to “Plugins”, in the list you should find a new plugin called “HobbyAthletes Rating and Review plugin”. Click the Activate link.


  3. Configure the settings (Settings -> Rating and Review Widget). Once you’re happy with the selected options, click on “Save Changes”

    HobbyAthletes.com Rating Widget Settings

  4. Insert the Widget in one of your side bars by drag and drop (Appearance -> Widgets)

    Insert Widget in Widget Bar

    or use shortcode [HA_RATING_WIDGET] in one of your pages or posts.

    Insert shortcode into your page